The snow is finally melted and daffodils are poking their heads from the thawing ground. Spring is nearly upon us, the season of rebirth. And with Spring, comes Easter, a holiday of pretty pastels, sweet candies, and family time. This year, make Easter dinner one to really remember.

Like most grand holiday meals, a turkey or ham is front and center. Seeing as we are partial to turkey, that’s who we’ve chosen as our star. After all, the turkey is a most versatile bird, graciously accepting a host of herbs, spices, and sauces to cater to whatever party it’s invited to. Indulge in the fresh Spring flavors of thyme and lemon with this Lemon-Herb Roasted Turkey.

Side by side with bright green Roasted Asparagus or a garden salad, your plate will scream “Spring.”  Don’t forget the classic Au Gratin (Scalloped) Potatoes! Finally, top your plate with these delicious Herbed Cheese Dinner Rolls.  This may be the menu you repeat year after year. We doubt you’ll get any complaints.