Your back aches but there is still more to be done. Life in the country isn’t easy but the meals make it a little more worthwhile. It’s a time to slow down, if only for a few moments. A time to catch up with your family. A time where your feet and belly will be warmed.

Despite the holiday season, life in the country doesn’t catch the break that city folks are blessed with. Produce needs to be harvested, animals need tending, and there is always a chore or two left from the day before. Despite all that, these quiet meals are looked forward to just the same.

This holiday season, take a page from our hardworking brothers and sisters working the farm or ranch. Make your meal from scratch with real, fresh ingredients and truly enjoy the delight of a meal with your family.

The aroma of Garlic Mashed Potatoes covers up the dried mud scent from the boots by the door. Momma’s made her delicious gravy from the drippings of the Herbed Turkey that’s been slowly roasting all day. The Buttermilk Biscuits just came out of the oven, the Freshly Churned Butter ready on the table. You pour yourself a glass of whole milk from the cow you’ve had since before you took over the farm.

Three dirty faces meet you at the table, alive with talk of the days events. Someone has another hole in their sock, the cat ruined the first bowl of butter, and the chickens were playing games with the goats. Your youngest eagerly digs into the sweet Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots, the ones she harvested by herself that morning.

The chatter settles down as everyone ponders what the new year will bring and recalls the past year’s memorable events. This is what you look forward to every holiday. The satisfaction of a year well done and another year around the corner.

You catch a whiff of cinnamon and apple. The From Scratch Apple Pie is sitting on the counter, ready for the oven. It will be flaky and hot by the time dinner is over. A holiday treat anticipated by everyone at the table the last four generations. The day’s work may not be over, but with a meal like this, no one minds in the least.