It’s the new year. If you’re like most, one of your resolutions is to eat healthier or lose weight. While there isn’t any one-size-fits-all prescription, your diet is the best place to start. And the key is simple substitutions.

Breakfast: Replace your daily bowl of cereal with a veggie-filled omelet, low sugar oatmeal, or a glass of fresh fruit & veggie juice. Even a smoothie takes only a few minutes extra prep than grabbing the sugar-filled breakfast bar for those on the go in the morning.

Lunch: Instead of the traditional burger, try a turkey burger. Pick up some Norbest all natural, ground turkey and make your own custom burgers! Instead of the BLT, get the BLT salad or wrap. Or simply forgo the bread or bun! Try Norbest smoked turkey breast in salads, like our Smoked Turkey and Fresh Vegetables Salad.

Dinner: Instead of canned vegetables, cook up fresh ones. Try zoodles (zucchini noodles) under your delicious spaghetti sauce in place of white pasta. You can substitute turkey for any recipe calling for beef, like our Turkey Fajitas. We doubt you'll notice a difference.

Flour: Alright, not really a meal, but this is a huge category that can be easily made much, much healthier. Wheat-based filler foods are sneaky and easy to forget. Staples like rice, pasta, and bread, though easy, aren’t always the best choice. But they can be a healthy addition to any meal, if chosen wisely. While giving up wheat all together would be great, we know that's easier said than done. So instead of kissing your favorite meal goodbye, just tweak it. Substitute whole grains for all of the traditional white grains. This means brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bread. Be sure the package says 100% whole wheat or check the ingredient list to make sure the label isn’t trying to fool you. Wheat isn’t the same as whole wheat. Try out other grains and seeds as well like quinoa- a complete protein that isn’t even a grain!

The beauty of all of these changes is that they are simple, non-drastic, and can be maintained with ease. If this is the first real change to your diet, the key is to start slow. You’ll be more likely to stick with the new diet and not feel like it’s a diet at all! This is a much easier method than immediately cutting foods out and harsh calorie counting. Little tweaks here and there will make a huge difference over time. It might not feel like much, but this time next year, you’ll see it made quite a change.

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