It’s finally here. Grilling season. With Memorial Day around the corner, we can bet your grill is eager to prove itself once again. Don’t disappoint it. Start the grilling season off right with some easy, healthy, turkey burgers.

Healthier than your traditional red meat burger, Norbest all natural ground turkey satisfies the protein requirements as well as that juicy burger craving. How you dress it up, however, is up to you. Feed the Islander in you with our sweet Hawaiian Burger or go traditional with lettuce and tomato. Either way, make your turkey burgers from scratch. You’ll thank us later. This simple guide is a great place to start if you don’t know how to make a turkey burger, including suggestions on what type of ground turkey (ground turkey meat – not breast) and a host of suggested seasonings and add-ins. Ultimately, what you include in your turkey burger is up to you. Don’t forget the healthy BBQ sides of corn on the cob, potato salad, and some fresh cut fruit. Of course, if you can’t resist the traditional chips and soda, we won’t hold it against you. Is it really a BBQ without BBQ chips anyway? We don’t think so either.

So break out the lawn chairs and mosquito repellent, grilling season is upon us. Kick it off right this Memorial Day.