It’s upon us. Big Game Sunday. And while you may have a house full of guests with eyes glued to the screen, there is no doubt you’ll have a house full of hunger before halftime. Not to worry. There is no need to fuss about what to feed your football and commercial loving guests.

Keep things simple and hearty with our 3-Bean Turkey Chili made with Norbest all natural ground turkey. With enough protein to keep the cheering fueled till the last kick and just the right amount of spice to keep tempers saucy, this chili is exactly what you’ve been looking for. While it can be made stovetop, this fantastic meal can also be prepared in the slow cooker, leaving you time to watch the game instead of babysitting a bubbling pot.

Serve this spicy delight with scoop style corn chips or butter crackers and any other junk foods that are tradition this Sunday. Serve an array of chips but be sure to offer a selection of lighter snacks like baby carrots and celery.

Now, sit back, revel in a happy belly, and cheer for whatever team is winning. Either way, you won in the kitchen.