The 4th of July. A day to celebrate a huge step for America with true American past-times like baseball, parades, fireworks, and BBQ. You may not be drafting a declaration of independence, but that’s not what your barbeque guests want anyway. Your mission is to craft a unique and themed meal that leaves bellies full and faces smiling. We’ve got just the thing: the Red, White, and Blue Burger. No, food coloring is not involved. (Unless you really want to.) Instead, this special turkey burger features sliced red apples and blue cheese to take it to the next level. If you’re out of apples, you may use red bell pepper, a common “red” in this popular burger. No matter how you accentuate this patriotic burger, be sure to take a moment of pride in this day and remember the work our forefathers did to get us here. Happy 4th of July!