We’re just barely into June and the temperatures are rising. If you’re like most, you’ve already broken out your grill for the season. If not, there’s no better time than the present. Shake things up this week and break away from the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs. Instead, delight your taste buds with something special from our neck of the woods-the famous Marinated Manti Turkey Steak. Try these succulent Sanpete Turkey Kabobs to impress your guests and enjoy a much needed break from burgers. These kabobs are unique to Utah, holding the distinct flavor of our Manti turkey marinade and our Sanpete Turkey Breast Steaks, enjoyed every year at the Manti Pageant in Utah. Manti has a long-standing tradition of serving Norbest turkey dinners at the National Guard Armory in Manti each night of the performance. With them requested year after year, you can rest easy knowing this flavorful and healthy meal will be widely received. But not everyone can make it out here for a taste. These easy kabobs bring the flavor to you. All you need are turkey breasts and a few kitchen-staple ingredients for the marinade. Optionally, you can alternate the turkey with onions, zucchini, and bell pepper for more variety on your skewer. Live a little. Put the ketchup away and try our custom Sanpete flavor. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoyed with your favorite side salads.