This Thanksgiving you want a feast like your great-grandma would prepare. You want a traditional Thanksgiving. To return to the roots of Thanksgiving, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make the Turkey the Star of the Show
In a traditional Thanksgiving feast, the turkey is the main event, your magnum opus, the piece de resistance! There are no side hams or fried chicken legs to take the spotlight away in this traditional spread. Therefore, it is only fitting that you dress up your turkey to shine like the star it is. Your turkey is as much a feast for the belly as it is for the eyes. Place your beautiful bird on a shiny silver platter and then add fluff. Play up the golden brown skin by bringing fall indoors, decorating around the bird with fake fall leaves. Or perhaps add a sense of the first Thanksgiving with fun, colorful gourds. Or keep it simple, and line the tray with vibrant green garnish as a great bed for the turkey to pop off of, perhaps accentuating with a few bright lemons or apples. Place the turkey at the center of the table for all to marvel, and surround it with the appropriate dressings like stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. From there, fill in other side dishes like yams, potatoes, green beans, pie, etc.

Time-Honored Herb Stuffing
There are a million and one stuffing recipes out there. But you want traditional. In this case, you have a pretty specific recipe you want. Moist and bursting with herbs. Try out this traditional stuffing recipe, and alter to your tastes. Play it safe and cook your stuffing on the stove. It will be hot and ready to sit alongside your roasted turkey and no one risks getting ill. If you’d like, you could even stuff the turkey with the ready cooked stuffing afterwards for the appearance of a stuffed bird.

Trusted Cranberry Sauce
Next up is the cranberry sauce. It wouldn’t be a traditional Thanksgiving feast without a beautiful side of homemade, traditional cranberry sauce. Sweet and tart, you can adjust how thin or thick you want by simply adjusting the cook time. Make great-grandma proud by making your cranberry sauce from scratch this year, just like she did.

Classic Pumpkin Pie
Lastly, the dessert everyone is saving room for: pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is liberal nowadays with pecan, apple, even coconut cream pies taking pumpkin’s place on the dessert table. If you want traditional, it can only be pumpkin. Feeling adventurous? Why not try making your own pumpkin puree from fresh pumpkins? The taste of fresh pumpkin puree is no comparison to the canned variety. This classic pumpkin pie recipe is sure to please the staunchest Thanksgiving traditionalist.