Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best, a refrigerated or a frozen turkey?

Most people will not be able to notice any difference in flavor or quality. However, refrigerated turkeys may be more convenient since they do not require thawing. For more information go to Selecting A Turkey. Whether frozen or refrigerated, all Norbest turkeys are Satisfaction Guaranteed. Confused about the terms "Fresh", "Frozen", and "Refrigerated"? Go to "Fresh" Regulations for facts about USDA regulations and how Norbest relates to them.

How do I determine when my turkey was processed?

You can determine when your turkey was processed by establishing when the Julian date is. The Julian date can be found on your turkey's weight tag. Please see information below on how you can find your turkey's Julian date.

How long will a turkey keep in the freezer?

For the best flavor and quality, a turkey will keep easily for one year in the freezer. However, a turkey will stay safe and wholesome for much longer - several years if held at 0ºF or lower.

How long will a refrigerated turkey keep in the refrigerator?

You should roast your refrigerated turkey by the "use by" date found on the weight tag or weight sticker. If you don't plan to use it that soon you should freeze it immediately, then thaw and roast it later.

Can I refreeze a thawed turkey?

Don't refreeze a previously frozen turkey. You should roast it within seven days of thawing. Keep it cold in the refrigerator until ready to roast.

What is the best way to safely thaw a frozen turkey? How long will it take?

The best way to thaw a frozen turkey is on a tray in the refrigerator. It takes about 2-3 days. There are faster options - go to How To Thaw A Frozen Turkey for more information. NEVER THAW A TURKEY AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!

Why does my refrigerated turkey appear to be frozen?

Norbest refrigerated turkeys are quick chilled immediately after processing to seal in their peak flavor and freshness. The firmness that you notice on the surface of your turkey is your assurance that it was rushed to your supermarket in its most wholesome condition.

How large of a turkey does my family need?

As a general rule, plan on about 3/4 to one pound (raw weight) per person. For more details, go to Planning Your Turkey.

What do you baste your turkeys with?

Our Norbest raw whole turkeys basting solution consists of natural turkey broth, a small amount of salt for flavor, sodium phosphate to help maintain juiciness, and natural flavorings to bring out the best turkey flavor. We add no fats, oils, sugar, and no MSG, or trans fat. There is no HVP or ingredients containing MSG. Our natural flavorings are simply extracts of common household spices (oleoresin red and black pepper). Also, our turkeys contain no gluten or gluten-derivatives from wheat, oats, barley, or rye. There is no soy in our raw turkeys. Please note that our Norbest Oven Roasted cooked whole turkeys do contain hydrolyzed soy protein. There are no corn derivatives in our raw or pre-cooked turkeys. We also offer non-basted turkeys under the brand name Norbest "Family Tradition®".

Do your products contain any allergens?

Please see our Norbest Ingredient Information for People with Food Allergies & Sensitivities for information regarding allergens.